Насладитесь восхитительным ужином в небе

Dinner in the Sky — захватывающий дух ресторан изысканной кухни в Дубае.

Кулинарный опыт непревзойденного уровня на высоте 50 метров гарантированно оставит неизгладимое впечатление.

Dinner in the Sky in Dubai

ужином в небе

Dinner in the Sky, включенный Forbes.com в список 10 самых необычных ресторанов мира, – одно из самых уникальных гастрономических впечатлений.

Расположенный в Sky Dive Dubai, ваш столик будет подвешен на кране на высоте 50 метров в небе над Дубаем. Любуйтесь уникальными пейзажами, пока вы наслаждаетесь роскошными блюдами.

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  • Lunches & Dinners in the Sky

    Обеды и ужины

    Наслаждайтесь уникальным обедом или ужином, любуясь панорамой Дубая с 50-метровой высоты!

  • Tea Breaks in Dinner in the Sky

    Дни рождения и особые случаи

    Дни рождения, помолвки или юбилеи, – мы рады сделать ваш день особенным благодаря незабываемому ужину в небе.

  • Branding Opportunities Dinner in the Sky

    Возможности брендинга

    Сотрудничество с нами даст вашему бренду признание, которого он заслуживает. Не упустите такую уникальную возможность.

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So much fun. Was nervous at first but the staff made me feel so comfortable. They are very helpful and fun. Food was good as well. The views are amazing.

Samatha Powell
Google Reviews

It’s the best !! I would do it all over again.The experience, the views, vibes and food were superb👍💯... Worth every penny

Leo P

Wowwww what an AMAZING experience!! The food was mouthwatering delicious! The chefs also provided great entertainment! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for one of them to take your pics.


I’d go as far as to say Dinner in the Sky is a must-try; at least once, and perhaps repeated at various times of day and with different company – but certainly it is worth the experience even as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And that’s for residents – for visitors and tourists, it’s a no-brainer: get yer tickets and go for Dinner in the Sky!

Paolo Rossetti
Google Reviews

Now that’s an experience! I’m afraid of heights but I’m always doing things that deals with heights. Once you’re in the air, you really don’t notice. The table rotates so everyone experience the same view. The food was so delicious, the hummus was out of this world. I ate a beet hummus and it was spectacular. They play great music, the staff was so friendly. You’ll be aiight if you don’t look down. It’s a must do experience.


Our dinner in the sky experience was out of this world, entertainment was great, food was cooked to perfection and the staff were so friendly. I’d recommend without hesitation.

Akhir Nisa

Amazing experience... A lovely dinner with my wife 50 meters above in the sky. The food was just amazing (3 course dinner) prepared infront of us. Ashfa (hope I am writing her name correctly)was the greatest chef I have ever met....she just made our night. We did enjoy our food. The staff were professional and willing to help one everyday.. the took a lovely pictures for us. The experience was unbelievable hopefully we will return and tried it again. Highly recommended 👍

Ahmad Tamimi
Google Reviews
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